At National Cortina, we take Quality Assurance very seriously. We’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality ingredients, each and every time. What does that mean?

Trusted Partners

We only partner with processors that have passed FDA approved audits performed by third-party accredited certifying bodies or Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) auditors. Plus, we enjoy personal, long-term relationships with all of our partners. Meaning we know exactly where our ingredients come from and how they are produced, processed, maintained, and cared for.

Thorough Documentation

We make sure our processors are consistently up to standard over time. At National Cortina, we maintain a centralized database of updated vendor documentation, to ensure that they are always meeting and exceeding our quality expectations.

Onsite Support

Our supply chain is C-TPAT Certified, and we maintain an in-house Quality Assurance team. Our QA Department manages any and all quality assurance inquiries from our customers directly—so you can always speak to our experts whenever you have a question or need assistance with quality assurance documentation.

Consistent Compliance

Our ingredients and facilities are kept in strict compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act and the Bio-Terrorism Act of 2002. Our QA Department is committed to constantly providing full FDA compliance to our customers, both domestic and foreign. With this benefit, our customers can take full advantage of our quality assurance expertise to ensure your company is abiding by all food laws.

Quality You Can Trust

At National Cortina, we are always taking steps to maintain and improve our quality assurance. The result? Incredible, quality ingredients provided to your company each time you work with us, and priceless peace of mind.