Want door-to-door service?

We’ve got exactly what you need. At National Cortina, we’ll take care of everything for you—from clearing customs, to vendor-managed inventory, to delivering straight to your door.

Nationwide Warehouses

We work with a wide base of third-party carriers and warehouses throughout the country, and have relationships with all of the ocean lines. Even better, we have a long history of maintaining prepositioned inventory to satisfy your just-in-time needs.


When the need arises, we can use our logistics to identify new, food-safe audited warehouses where our customers need them. We are also open to warehousing at our customers’ sites via equitably structured consignment programs.

Affordable Delivery

Our customer service staff and expert Logistics Manager are masters when it comes to finding freight and warehousing savings to pass along to our customers.

We consistently find freight rates much cheaper than those obtained by our large multi-brand customers. The bottom line: more savings and convenience for you!

Unparalleled Convenience

No matter your budget, what you need, or where you need it, National Cortina can help get it to you fast. Now, that’s door-to-door service!

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