From liquid to dry, frozen to ambient, five-gallon bucket to flexi tanker—we offer door-to-door service for every volume and ingredient you’ll need.

We’ll handle all your importing, inventory, documentation, and logistical needs, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Plus, we’ll get your product to you as quickly as possible—even when you’re working with a tight lead-time. Our selection of warehouses located all throughout the country allows us to execute quick, convenient deliveries, and we’ll give you the option to manage the freighting process or leave it to us.

At National Cortina, we’re experts at coming up with the perfect set of options and solutions for our industrial customers. Our relationship managers have decades of experience sourcing throughout the world. Let us help you find a quality source while cutting costs or an alternative source that provides you with geographic diversity and an additional harvest cycle.

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Oils & Vinegars
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IQF and Fresh Portioned Beef
Australian Organic Grassfed Beef
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Specialty Items
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