At National Cortina, we don’t just sell ingredients—we also sell packaged, finished food products. If you have a private label brand to manufacture and stock, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll follow all of your food and packaging specifications to a T. We have the robust infrastructure that’s essential to getting everything right, plus, we’ll ship direct to your distribution center right on time.

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Private Label Ingredients

Fruits & Vegetables
Preserved Tomato Products
Preserved & IQF Mushroom Products
IQF & Canned Fruit
IQF Vegetables
Grilled & Roasted IQF Vegetables
IQF Flavored Vegetable Blends

Oils & Vinegars
Olive Oils
Specialty and Infused Oils
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IQF and Fresh Portioned Beef
Australian Organic Grassfed Beef
Chicken, Pork, Shrimp

Specialty Items
Denatured Spirits
Cooking Wines
Specialty Syrups
And Many More!